GLT staff have worked on the following projects:
Blu DaddyCrew BoatCantiere Navale VittoriaBambini Srla-b-c-d-e-h
Blu MommyCrew BoatCantiere Navale VittoriaBambini Srla-b-c-d-e-h-i
FoxCrew BoatMariottiRighetti Navia-b-c-d-e-f-g
WolfCrew BoatMariottiRighetti Navia-b-c-d-e-f-g
Fabio D.Work BoatCantiere Navale VittoriaZeta Srla-b-c-d
AlfredoWork BoatCantiere Navale VittoriaLMDa-b-c-d
From C7 to C158 Boats Passenger HSCAirnavalUstica Linesa-b
From C1 to C 1816 Pleasure Yachts 32mCantiere Delle MarcheVariousa-b
King DavidCrew BoatMMGIVREMARa-b-c-d-e-f-g
Ustica LinesHydrofoil PassengerUstica LinesUstica Linesa-b
Blue BrotherCrew BoatCantiere Navale VittoriaBambini Srla-b-c-d-e-h-i
Angelo BWork BoatCantiere Di ChioggiaCoop San Martinoa-b-c-d-f-g-h
DivingSpecial Work BoatCantiere Navale VittoriaMilitary Marin Tunisiaa-b-c-e-i
AlessandroWork BoatCantiere Navale VittoriaZeta Srla-b-c-d-e-h


a:Electronic Governor Controls
b:Steering Syncro
c:Monitor And Safety Diesel Generator
d:Monitor And Safety Main Engine
e:Dynamic Position Interface
f:Complete Alarm Monitor & Control System
g:Power Management System
h:Bilge Oil Separator
i:Shaft Brakes
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