GLT 41

Small Engines Monitoring System

GLT41 is a new simple and functional system with touch screen interface, designed by GLT Automation for the engines monitoring suitable to be installed on small work boats or pleasure boats.

With GLT41 it si possible to monitor all the main engines and diesel generators parameters such as engine speed, oil pressure, oil temperature, water temperature, water pressure, gear oil pressure, exhaust gas temperature, sea water temperature, turbines pressures, battery voltage.

GLT41 can manage the engine safety functions activating automatically the lock functions.

GLT41 has been designed to have a sophisticated monitoring tool for simple applications.

The graphical GLT41 touch screen is simple, complete with a modern design, customizable.

Can be connected to Tablet or Smartphone through a dedicated app.

GLT 41 Small Engines Monitoring System

GLT 41 Small Engines Monitoring System

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